Individual Counseling Fees

My private pay rate is $115 for a 50 minute individual counseling session. Beginning in December 2021, I will be able to accept most BCBS of NC Commercial and State Health Plans. If you have insurance through another company, I can provide a monthly superbill upon request to file with your insurance if you have out-of-network benefits. I also offer limited sliding scale slots for folks experiencing financial hardship. I accept all major credit/debit cards and FSA/HSA for payment via a secure platform.

You can schedule your free 15 minute  consultation here to determine if we’d be a good fit working together.

Frequently Asked Questions

It won’t look exactly the same for everyone, because I tailor my approach to your unique background and worldview. As a foundation, I focus on creating an open, trusting, therapeutic relationship with my clients. I am non-judgmental, and will hold you in positive regard. I seek to understand more about how you perceive the world, and will listen for any thoughts or behaviors you may have that’s hindering you from achieving your goals. This comes along with gently challenging you, holding you accountable, and planting seeds for a healthier mind.

Absolutely not! People come to therapy for many reasons at different points in time in their life. Whether it’s to manage stress from starting a new job; dealing with the aftermath of a breakup; or learning how to build stronger friendships, rest assured that coming to therapy should be akin to seeing your doctor if you catch a cold. However, some folks do have diagnosable mental illnesses, but many are able to successfully manage them and create a life they feel is worth living.

We can determine that together. I can operate from a short term, solution-focused model if that’s what’s best for you at this time. We can also incorporate breaks in a longer-term therapeutic relationship if you feel that’s what you need. Typically, I meet with clients every other week, but we can schedule sessions more or less frequently.

My goal is to give you the tools needed to prevent you from going to a hospital. I understand that it can be a traumatizing experience. I’ve been there! I’m more than happy to have open discussions with you about these painful thoughts, where they originate, and what quiets them down. I’d rather you be honest with me about it so we can address it and help relieve that pain for you. You deserve better than to suffer in silence, and worry about the consequences of telling someone.

Our scheduled time is completely for you! If you want to talk about your hobbies and interests, you can do so. If you want to share your art, poems, or stories, I’d love to see them. I fully believe that whatever you bring to therapy is valuable, as it gives us a better understanding of your inner world. Sometimes it’s easier to do this instead of directly communicating what’s concerning you.

Ultimately, I want you to feel comfortable in my presence, and that you can bring your whole self to the session–even the things you may normally have some shame around! For some people, it may be helpful to jot things down throughout the week that come up for you, so that you can remember to discuss it in therapy. I will not pressure you to discuss things that you aren’t ready to discuss yet.

Sometimes, therapy may not be a good fit during certain times in your life, or maybe you’re not quite getting what you need out of the therapeutic relationship. I would love to have discussions about what your concerns are, and can potentially help you find a better fit if you’d like.

Absolutely! I work with folks ages 14 and up.

I work with clients Monday-Thursday 12pm-6pm. If you need to get in touch with me (non-emergency) outside of those times, I will get back to you within 24 business hours. If you need flexibility with times due to school, work, or other obligations, let me know and I will determine if I can accommodate you.

Go ahead and reach out to me anyway! There is no requirement for you to be part of these groups. If you feel that you can resonate with my work or my message, you are more than welcome to seek my services. I’d love to help anyone experience Life In Color!