Come Home to Yourself.

Inclusive virtual therapy for humans in North Carolina

Promoting Actual Diversity and Inclusion in the Mental Health Field

Your Experiences Matter. Let's Talk About Them. Unfiltered.

  • Women’s and Men’s issues
  • Race and culture (including White people)
  • Life transitions: college, moving, new jobs, you name it
  • Stress from dealing with the political climate, toxic social media discourse, and cancel culture 
  • Cultivating healthy relationships with our bodies, movement, and food (I do not believe in fat shaming nor shaming people for wanting to lose weight and become healthier)
  • LGBT issues: dating, self-acceptance, building resilience, and exploring gender dysphoria in adults
    • Note: I do not encourage social or medical transition practices in minors. Nor do I believe every person who deals with discomfort in their body must be trans.